Colleen writes and performs her comedy at clubs throughout Canada and regularly works as a Comedian or Master of Ceremonies for corporate events. Her material slays all: Current affairs, pop culture, religion, and the cycle of life; childhood, dating, marriage, sex, parenting, and death. (Holy, is that all there is)?

Most people remain on the couch during commercials. Colleen gets up. Does stuff.


Comic by night, writer by day: Colleen has bills to pay. So, she waxes creatively/comically for local ad agencies, writes reviews for indie rock bands, and scribbles speeches for politicians (fiction writing). Cheque please.


Her comedy acting credits include corporate videos (because, uh... corporate videos are funny) and live theatrical comedies for Theatre under the Stars (sweet, innocent country girl), Vancouver’s Metro Theatre (sweet, innocent city girl), and UBC’s Mussoc (hooker... the sweet, innocent one).


Capitalizing on her unintentional Ali G interviewing style, Colleen snagged a hosting gig for two weekly television shows on Roger’s Cable in the 1990’s (Contact & Conversation). Mandate: Interview Canada’s newsmakers. Ask the tough questions. ("If you could be any food group...?").


Colleen’s been making the most of her ‘come hither’ voice (oh... she embellishes) on corporate videos and automated phone systems. You may have heard her at West Coast Express, Handi-Dart, North Van District, BC Rail, the Greater Victoria Transit System, and an airport in Chicago ("the red zone is for...").


She’s been dancing for the past 20 years... ballet, jazz, modern, Irish, and... when unpaid bills force her to abandon her morals... tap.